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The Little Ones
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A Peek Into
The Secret Little Ones Of Turtle Back Island
Written by June Avignone
Drawings by Mi Wolf Dog
Synthetic City Publications
ISBN: 0965428-2-X, © 2004
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. A Peek Into The Secret Little Ones of Turtle Back Island by June Avignone is a 40 page full-color book for, she says, "kids and adult Human animals who are interested in the limitless nature of heart-felt Imagination, or who want to be again." The uncharted oasis, hidden somewhere deep within the lush Florida Everglades, happens to be the size of Paterson, New Jersey (8.36 miles, to be exact). It is populated by a unique species of animals the size of a small Human pinky nail called Little Ones who are "truly daring and kind, wildly generous, courageously creative, and filled with endless Imagination and all that that entails."
. Ms. Avignone discovered the Island as a refuge to "all things mean and greedy" several years ago. She decided to write a little book about the Little Ones and Turtle Back Island to share with others because, as she puts it, "the mysteries of peace should not be withheld, on any level, no matter how small." According to the author, no Human animal knows exactly where Turtle Back Island Island is located which is why the Little Ones get to live in complete freedom and harmony (as opposed to being captured and put in a Flea circus for little creatures or something like that).
. "You can go to the Island anytime in your mind, which is quicker and more fun," Ms. Avignone explains. She likes to go there" because nature is respected, the Little Ones sing fun songs, the food is really great, and art is understood for the magic medicine that it is." The little book is like a First class ticket there, only you can go on an Express Pelican, not a 747 jet (which uses more fuel and can't tell a good Island joke like a Pelican).